"A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children, but the sinner's wealth is laid up for the righteous!"  Proverbs 13:22

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Who We Are

Rebecca A. Rice owns and operates a Christian organization, RebeccaRice & Associates, LLC in Little Rock, Arkansas. A graduate of the University of Arkansas with two business degrees in Marketing and Business Management, her firm serves the financial needs of small business, the medical community, churches, and families.

Rebecca Understands You

25 years ago, Rebecca began her career in insurance as a single mom with three children.  She understands the challenges of young families, working mothers, and the drive to gain financial security in a tough world. 

She feels the needs of those facing retirement and feeling insecure with their “nest egg.”

Her heart goes out to anyone wanting to make a better life for themselves and build a more secure future.

In 2003 Rebecca recognized the life-changing possibilities of using a “living benefits” whole life insurance policy!

Not Just Words- She Walks the Walk

Within three years she went from being hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to being debt free!  No mortgage.  No car payments. No business debts.

Her passion is to help others do the same thing. “Anyone, in any situation– if they have enough motivation– they can follow this plan,” Rebecca says. “Call me.  I’ll help you find out how to begin.”  Then she stands by you and helps you succeed.

In the ensuing years, Rebecca has built a financial storehouse of over 30 dividend paying whole life insurance policies.  She has mastered the ways to use the “living benefits” to control her money.  There’s no banker to tell her she can’t borrow money.

Mastered the “Living Benefits” of Whole Life Insurance

She knows how to use this specific kind of “living benefits” whole life policy to:

  • Invest
  • Eliminate debt
  • Fund Emergencies
  • Save taxes and expenses in your business
  • Retire in comfort
  • Pass a legacy to your posterity.

Whole life insurance policies can manage disabilities and even be used for—well, life insurance!

Nation Wide Service

Rebecca’s thousands of clients span the United States.  She has also trained carefully selected agents in her caring philosophies, ethics, and insurance knowledge. 

Works with a CPA Who Understands Your Policy and Goals

RebeccaRice & Associates, LLC is the only firm with a CPA on staff (Neil Denman of Little Rock, Arkansas) who also understand and uses “living benefits” whole life insurance and understands the tax benefits.

Her firm is one of the leading organizations in the country in educating, practicing, and administrating “living benefits” whole life insurance (sometimes called Infinite Banking.)

RebeccaRice & Associates, LLC focuses on creating wealth, debt retirement, estate-planning and retirement distribution strategies for their clients.

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